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Altar Server

  Assist the priest at Sunday Mass.

Altar Servers will assist the Priest by carrying candles and the professional cross, holding the book of prayers, and assist in preparing the altar for the Eucharist.  Parishioners in the fourth grade and up who have received proper training are eligible.


Leaders of song for the worshiping assembly.

Cantors do not replace the singing of the assembly, but rather empower and enhance it. They must be familiar and comfortable with the songs that they lead.  Parishioners of all ages with vocal talent and who are willing to devote time to preparation are eligible.


  Comprised of parishioners that love to sing as a group at Mass.

Music is an important part of the liturgical life of our Parish.  Being a Choir member involves singing in one of our Parish choirs, commitment to attendance at practices and for the mass the Choir is scheduled for.

ADULT CHOIR:  All vocalists are welcome.  Your willingness to practice and to share the gift you have will be pleasing to God and a blessing to our Parish.  Liason for the Adult Choir is Ralph Balaun.

ALL PARISH CHOIR:  This Choir is comprised of all ages, young and old, parents and children, that like to sing.  All all welcome!  The All Parish Choir sings once or twice monthly, with practice one hour before mass.  They also sing at Christmas, Easter and the May Crowning mass.  Christmas and Easter require extra practice due to the complexity of the music.  Liason for the All Parish Choir is Paula Landoll-Smith.

YOUTH CHOIR:  This Choir is for all youth in grades K-12 that like to sing.  They sing once a month during the school year and will occasionally provide instrumental solos before mass.  Praise and Worship music is incorporated into the mass with this group.  Liason for the Youth Choir is Paula Landoll-Smith.

Eucharistic Minister

  Appointed to help with the distribution of the Eucharist.

Eucharist Ministers will serve the Body and the Blood of Christ to parishioners during mass.  To participate you must have received the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation.  Training is required.


  Responsible for hospitality to all that enter the church.

Greeters are responsible for greeting parishioners as they enter the church.  At all times, they must show respect for all individuals and represent the very hospitality of Christ.


  Those that proclaim the Word of God in the first two Scripture readings at Mass.

This ministry requires good public reading skills and the ability to proclaim the readings in such a way that the real presence of Christ in the Scriptures can transform the lives of those who hear the Word of God.  Lectors will also read the Announcements and the Prayers.  Confirmed parishioners who are comfortable speaking in front of a group and are willing to devote time to preparation are eligible.  Training is required.

Money Counter

  Count all monies received at mass.

Money counters ensure that the money received in the collection basket is counted accurately and recorded properly according to policies and procedures.  A group of three unrelated parishioners serve for one month.  (A married couple may serve with another unrelated person).  Money counting is usually performed during the last mass of the weekend.  Training is required.


  Responsible for hospitality within the church.

Ushers make sure the worship space is clean, comfortable and inviting, collect the offering, and organize the presentation of the gifts.  They must show respect to all individuals and represent the very hospitality of Christ.  Ushers serve for one month.

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