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Cemetery Board

  Serves to care for and operate the parish cemetery.

The Cemetery Board assists the pastor in operating the parish cemetery.  They arrange for the care of the cemetery, manage lot sales and burials, and plan for the future of the cemetery.

BOARD MEMBERS:  President - Frank Staggenborg, Secretary - Jean Stillwell, David Schwarz

Finance Council

  Serves to advise the pastor concerning financial issues of the parish.

The pastor must consult with the Finance Council before he takes certain actions prescribed by canon law.  Members of the council have knowledge of how to manage money and investments, understand financial strategies and the Christian understanding of stewardship of treasure as it relates to parish financial resources.  Members are appointed by the pastor.

MEMBERS:  Chairman - Chad Kramer, Paul Byers, Renee Hoffman, Kenny Lee, Sharon Peeks, Janet Turney, Fr. Quentin Schmitz, Karen Farrell (Principal), Brenda Staggenborg (Bookkeeper)

Parish Council

  Serves to provide guidance concerning the planning and the future direction of the parish.

The Parish Council advises the pastor concerning the direction of the parish, how it is addressing it's mission and the various ministries.  Members of the council serve three year terms and are appointed by the pastor.

MEMBERS:  Chairman - David Kongs, Joy Kramer, Amy Peschel, Jane Sandstrom, Sandy Schmitz, Christine Wheeler, Brian Struck, Fr. Quentin Schmitz

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